Data Collection Strategy

Standalone (In-Situ) Simulations – these are standalone education sessions wherein the realism of the equipment and scenario are critical to the learning. These simulations often take place in a lab or in-situ, often involving high-fidelity equipment and incorporating pre- and de-briefing learning techniques.

Embedded (Task-Training) Simulations – these are classroom sessions embedded within a larger workshop (e.g., nurse education days) which usually already have an associated attendance and feedback process. They are typically focused on training and reinforcing a hands-on skill.

We are requiring the facilitators who run the simulation to spearhead data collection efforts, in turn submitting attendance and feedback back to our Simulation Program for tracking. We will send reminders before and after your booked simulation of our data collection requirements.  Please see the process map below to visualize the data collection strategy.

A sign in sheet template and QR codes for both the participant and facilitator feedback surveys are provided below for your ease-

Sheet Template

Participants Survey:


Facilitator Survey: